Do you have a collection of students that all pay different rates? Are some families invoiced at different intervals? Just the thought of this sounds stressful and time-consuming juggling act.

It sounds like it might be time to simplify your billing practices.

When you first start out, it may be simple to manage multiple rates. After all, it’s just a handful of students. However, the issue will compound as you gain more students. It just isn’t scaleable. Your unpaid administrative workload will increase dramatically as you gain new students. That’s no fun for business.

Juggling a handful of rates isn’t just tough for you to manage. It can also negatively impact your clients. When it comes to lesson sales, we may think that providing more options will lead to more sales, right? More often than not, this is not the case. It can be argued that when we have too many choices, there is a higher chance that we just don’t make a buying decision at all. If you advertise many different rates, this may be overwhelming or confusing to that new family. They may end up abandoning the whole process and search elsewhere.

Simplicity is a win for you and them. Cutting unnecessary features will free up your time to focus on more fruitful aspects of your business. For your families, it can make it easier for them to confidently select the right option for them. This is why many services will offer a simple good, better and best option.

TutorBird can help you simplify your billing practices, by setting default lesson rates and offering a stress-free, calendar-based billing model. Try it now for free!

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