Whether walking down the street or scrolling through your phone, you’re face to face with businesses all the time. Your logo is the face of your company – it is the first thing someone sees when looking it up. How you brand your business is one of the most important decisions you can make. A good logo tells your customer that you are professional, and can foster a feeling of being an inviting, trustworthy business offering quality services.

So, what makes a good logo?

Well, your logo should be easily recognizable, readable and embody the feel of your business. A great logo looks good in different sizes and mediums too. It needs to look good on your website, social media, and in a variety of print materials. It needs to look just as good on a small business card as it does on a large poster. If it’s designed in color, consider what it will look like when printed in black and white.

Have you thought about your logo recently? If you don’t have one yet, consider contacting a professional graphic designer locally or online to see what they can offer you. Remember, your logo is an essential part of attracting students. While it may be tempting to cut costs by using clip art or a free online logo maker, investing in your logo design pays off.

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