Once upon a time we used the phone book and the classified ads to find local businesses. They’ve gone digital, and so should you. Add your business to the Yellow Pages online, your local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade listing. Also, check for other local business directories in your area. These registries make your business easier to find and make you more visible online. As a result, your website may rank higher in search results and be more visible.

Internet marketing is an absolute necessity. Not being found online means you might as well not exist at all!

To grow a stronger online presence, make sure that your business address is always present and consistent.  Keep details like unit number, street abbreviations and phone number the same across different online registries. Add your listing to Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo Small Business listings and anything pertinent to teaching and tutoring in your area.

Google My Business is a great start. You can verify your address, link your business to your physical location on Google Maps, start collecting online reviews, and link your website to your business listing.

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