You’ve probably noticed that today’s students are digital natives; they grew up using screens instead of paper. Instead of sticking to old school methods that may turn them off of tutoring, speak their language and make technology part of your teaching style!

Technology is a great resource for education, and the clever use of tech can make you a more effective tutor.

You can support your students’ learning style by providing different options for learning experiences. Whether your student learns best with words, music, visuals, movement, or through interpersonal interaction, all of those can be supported with educational apps on a phone or tablet. Of course, this is in addition to your lessons – no app can replace the student-teacher dynamic!

Ask your community of other teachers what they have found useful! There are tons of online resources at little to no cost that can augment your teaching and engage your students in the language they understand best – technology!

Technology can be your friend too, not just for your students. Bring your business online with management software like TutorBird. From scheduling and invoicing to sharing multimedia content with your students! Automate and streamline your administrative work. Sign up now for a free 30-day trial!

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