Bah Humbugs (and Bug Fixes!)

Bah Humbugs (and Bug Fixes!)

The holidays are fast approaching, and the only thing around the TutorBird office that can make us feel like Scrooge is… bugs. Bah Humbugs, to be exact. Rest assured, our awesome developers are no ghosts of past, present, or future – they’ve been working hard on fixes to keep TutorBird running smoothly!

Here’s a list of fixes from this month:

Fixes & Improvements:

  • We tweaked the size of the calendar label showing additional hidden events of the day
  • When adding a new event on mobile, if a conflict is detected when trying to save, the screen will now automatically scroll up to display the conflict warning instead of staying on the Save button
  • We fixed an issue where the Not Specified location option was still visible when using the New Event option even though the option was disabled in Business Settings
  • We fixed an issue where adult students weren’t being included after selecting the Active Students group
  • We removed some errant parentheses that were mistakenly being used around some numbers in dialogs
  • We fixed an issue where data in the Last Login column on the Students page wasn’t always displaying
  • We removed the sticky pagination when linking online resources so entering a folder will automatically go to the first page of items instead of displaying a blank page
  • We fixed an issue where emails would be scheduled rather than sent immediately if the time zone set in your account was behind the time zone set on your device
  • We fixed an issue where Family Contacts of an adult student couldn’t be sent the login information (it would just send to the adult student again)
  • We fixed an issue where news posts meant to be for the Student Portal were also being published in the tutor’s account (this applied to single tutor accounts only)
  • We made some tweaks to improve speed & performance on the 1st of the month, when we have a much higher volume of invoices & payments being updated
  • We fixed a performance issue with the Event Profit report (it should now work for studios of any size and load much, much quicker!)
  • We made the payroll balance date sticky on the Tutors & Staff so it doesn’t keep reverting back once you’ve manually changed it
  • We made a cosmetic change so Auto Pay is now automatically selected and disabled in the Student Portal if your studio requires it for all newly added payment sources (previously it would still require Auto Pay to be selected before saving, but looked like it could be disabled)
  • We fixed an issue where the label in the Family Account would not update between “Postpaid” and “Prepaid” when changed in a family’s auto-invoice settings (the setting itself would save correctly though!)
  • We fixed the Daily Agenda send time, which was not saving when changed
  • We made a few grammatical tweaks to buttons & labels on the group attendance page
  • We fixed an issue where the studio email address was being used to send lesson notes when the account was set to have them sent from the teacher’s email

Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at