Online Resources

Worksheets, slideshows, and assignments – all in one place! Students won’t need to leave the Student Portal at all to access resources. Upload files, set student access permission, and they will automatically be notified of a new available resource.

Lending Library

Never lose another book again! Keep track of all materials that you’ve loaned to students. Books, notes, practice exams and anything else they borrow can all be recorded in your library, along with who you’ve lent them too and when they’re due back. No more time spent tracking down your materials, and no more money spent replacing lost items!

Study Log

Do your students really know how much they studied? With TutorBird’s Study Log feature, they can record the time they spend studying, make notes, and leave questions for you. A student experiencing difficulty with a particular concept or subject might forget the specifics of their problem by the time lesson day rolls around. Study notes can eliminate this forgetfulness and dramatically improve the effectiveness of the lesson.

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