Lesson Notes

When taking attendance, you can record detailed lesson notes to keep track of what your students learn in their lessons and what they need to study at home. Email the notes directly to students and parents, and even save private notes for yourself. Families can also view their lesson notes in the Student Portal. You can even attach files from your device or from Online Resources directly to your lesson notes! Plus, automatically have the previous lesson notes copy forward to the new lesson so you don’t have to retype them every time.

Online Resources

Worksheets, slideshows, assignments – all in one place! Upload files, set student access permission, and they will automatically be notified of a new available resource. Students can access and download any files they’re assigned to through the Student Portal, and most common audio and video formats can even be streamed directly in the Portal!

Study Log

Do your students really know how much they studied? With TutorBird’s Study Log feature, they can record the time they spend studying, make notes, and leave questions for you. Students can either manually add time to the Log or use the built-in study timer. They can also upload files, like completed assignments, for you to view!

Lending Library

Never lose another book again! Keep track of all materials that you’ve loaned to students. Books, notes, practice exams and anything else they borrow can all be recorded in your library, along with who you’ve lent them to. Plus, you’ll see reminders on your Daily Agenda when items are due so you know to collect them at the lesson!

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