Student List

Managing your students is hard work. TutorBird makes it easier by letting you track all your student information in one central location. With TutorBird you can store contact info, lesson notes, attendance, log study time and more!

Student/Parent Portal

Outside of lessons, it’s easy to keep students engaged and learning with the Student Portal. Once given access, students can log in anytime, anywhere to view their upcoming lessons, attendance, email history, leave notes and more! Parents and adult students also have access to the Parent Portal where they can view the family’s account and invoice information.

SMS/Email Reminders

Life moves pretty quickly nowadays, and that’s why so many students and parents love TutorBird’s Reminders feature. Cut down on missed lessons and last-minute cancellations by sending out email/SMS reminders a couple of days or hours in advance. Efficient, automated and stress-free!

Mass Emails

Save valuable time by sending one email to multiple email addresses in one click. You can even create and send emails to specific groups i.e. Math Students, Tuesday Night Students, etc.

Import Students

Wondering how to get your existing student list into TutorBird? No need for manual entries; simply copy and paste your student list from your favorite spreadsheet application, and let TutorBird do the rest. Importing students into your new TutorBird account couldn’t be any easier!

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