Student Management

Keep track of your student information & communication all in one place

All your students in one place!

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, contact lists, email chains, and paper registration forms. TutorBird keeps everything you need to know about your families in one easy-to-manage central location. 

“The main feature I wanted from TutorBird was the ability to organise all my clients, their details, lessons, notes and emails with automated and quick/comfortable systems (instead of having to slowly input all the details in a spreadsheet, and individually email / bcc clients, which I did for years). TB absolutely smashed the ball out of the park in this regard!”
– Tony S.

Manage your student list

Add your students in just a few clicks – include as much or as little information as you need! Include contact info, family members, notes & attachments, and so much more. Plus, add student birthdays to send an automated birthday email!

Send emails & SMS messages

Send custom emails in bulk directly through TutorBird! The Message History will save a record of all emails & automated SMS messages sent. Or save valuable time by selecting families to add to new text message on your device. 

Organize groups

Sort your students into custom groups to make scheduling, billing, and communication a breeze. Use the different student status options to keep your active students apart from your waitlist, leads, and more! 

Import your students

Already have a list of student information? Upload a spreadsheet or copy & paste and TutorBird will walk you through the simple setup. Make the switch today! 

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