Individual Accounts for Tutors

Each of your tutors can view their own schedule, take their own attendance, write their own lesson notes, and much more! No need for every tutor to be logging in to the same account and having access to other tutors’ information. Keep your tutors organized and accountable!

Employee Permissions

We recognize that your employees may have different skills and different responsibilities. With TutorBird you can customize each tutor’s permissions – only give them access to what they need! Non-admin tutors can manage their own schedule, attendance and students, while administrators can manage other tutors, plus invoicing, billing, reports, and more!

Robust Billing

Your students have different lesson times, lengths, and rates. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and notebooks full of reminders about which students pay which amount. TutorBird’s billing options allow you to set default billing rates at an hourly cost, per lesson cost, or a flat monthly rate. They can even have different rates for each tutor!


Just like billing and invoicing, TutorBird’s payroll feature takes the guesswork out of how much your tutors are owed. Payroll entries are automatically recorded when lessons are scheduled and attendance is taken. Calculate payroll as a flat hourly rate or a percentage of their revenue! Plus, with flexible options like payroll overrides and paying a tutor when a make-up credit is used (rather than when it’s issued), there’s no need for manual adjustments.

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