Blast from the past… week’s lesson notes!

Blast from the past… week’s lesson notes!

In this week’s update, we’ve made some much-requested changes to the calendar and lesson notes, making it easier to see recent lesson notes from last week… and the week before, and the week before, and the week before! Check out our list of updates to the new version of TutorBird below:

Calendar & Attendance

  • We’ve reintroduced the View Recent Notes button & dialog on the Home Agenda for easy access to past lesson notes (along with some other tweaks to the Home Agenda style!)
  • We’ve also moved the Recent Lesson Notes section to the attendance page, below the Lesson Details section (previously it was in its own tab called Student History)
  • We’ve added a message to let you know when there aren’t any recent lesson notes available in the Recent Lesson Notes section of the attendance page
  • We’ve also updated how Recent Lesson Notes displays for group lessons where not all attendees have recent notes in the same time period – you’ll now be able to see all attendees regardless with a message if they don’t have notes available
  • We made a number of tweaks to the calendar font & spacing so you can see more of your calendar on one screen
  • We updated the Attendance Details dialog to include in the Tutor field if an event was set to No Tutor – Entire Business (previously it would just be blank)
  • We removed the Group Notes field that was mistakenly appearing in the Attendance Details dialog for private lessons
  • We fixed an issue that could prevent the names in the Attendees field from loading fully when editing an event, which could result in accidentally removing the attendees once the changes are saved
  • We’ve added the ability to record event notes for group events while taking overdue attendance

Families & Invoices

  • We updated the Total Due label in the Next Invoice settings for a specific Family by changing the text and adding a red/green color label for clarity
  • We fixed an issue where the Families & Invoices page wouldn’t load if the Balance column wasn’t set to visible
  • We fixed an issue where editing the date of a calendar-generated monthly charge to another day besides the 1st of the month would cause an invoice created for the month to include lesson charges from beyond the invoice date range

Learning Management

  • The “hours practiced since” last lesson calculation now includes the current date in the calculated totals
  • You can now see the post category when viewing an existing news/blog post

Business Features

  • We updated the icon & label for the Categories option in the Expenses & Other Revenue toolbar
  • We updated the projected revenue summary box on the homepage so it displays “$0” rather than “-“ when there’s no revenue to display
  • We updated some wording throughout the payroll feature to improve clarity
  • We fixed an issue with the Payroll report and Student Attendance report where it was including the information for one extra day beyond the selected date range


  • We adjusted the text editor height in some areas so it didn’t cut off the Insert Link dialog
  • We fixed an issue where multiple subjects listed in the student’s profile didn’t have the correct space between them
  • We updated the progress bar when uploading a profile picture so it no longer makes reference to a logo
  • The browser tab now correctly displays “TutorBird – Home” when first logging in (previously it would only display “TutorBird – “ until refreshing or navigating to a new page)
  • We updated text fields that contain default placeholder text so copy & paste options are still available when right-clicking
  • We fixed an issue with custom SMS messages on iPhones where closing the privacy alert returned you to the student list instead of opening up your messaging app
  • We fixed an error that was occurring for some accounts when creating a new account or uploading a tutor profile picture in a new account

Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at