Calendar, attendance, lesson notes – oh my! 📅

Calendar, attendance, lesson notes – oh my! 📅

We’ve been hard at work on some improvements to the calendar & attendance pages, and we’re so excited that they’re available now! We’ve added some new calendar views & preferences, made some tweaks to streamline the bulk attendance process, and added a fan-favorite feature from the classic version – auto-copy lesson notes 📅 But that’s not all we did… Keep reading to check out our updates to the calendar, attendance, and more:

Calendar & Attendance:

  • We introduced some new calendar views that better match the classic version
    • In your Calendar Preferences, you can set your events to either Simple or Detailed (this will change the height of the events on your calendar and how much event info is displayed at a glance)
    • On desktop & mobile, you can now switch the Week view between Agenda (matched to the times down the left side so you can see the gaps in your schedule) or List (the full week at a glance, with no space between lessons on each day)
    • On mobile, you can now switch the Month view between Grid (events displayed within the date on the calendar) and List (dot icons on the calendar to show how many events are on the day, with the full detailed list below)
  • We’ve added an option under My Preferences to automatically copy the most recent lesson notes in a recurring series of events
  • We’ve added a “Save & Continue” button when taking individual attendance in a group event or bulk attendance for the day so you can move right to the next unrecorded attendance
  • In the mobile List views (Week & Month), tapping on the date in the calendar at the top will automatically scroll you to that date in the list
  • We updated the bulk attendance page on mobile so you no longer need to scroll (and scroll and scroll and scroll some more!) to get to the Take Attendance button (it’s now always visible at the bottom of your screen)
  • We moved the Sync Calendar button on top of the calendar to the Options button dropdown
  • We made a change to prevent tutors without the “Manage other tutors’ lessons/events” privilege enabled from dragging and dropping events
  • We changed the default calendar print option to be arranged by date, rather than by location (previously, “No Specified Location” would be the first page and some members didn’t realize there were additional pages because the first looked blank!)
  • We reordered & renamed a few Calendar Preferences to group them together in a more intuitive way

Other Improvements & Fixes:

  • We renamed “Communication History” to “Recent Lesson Details” on the attendance page for clarity
  • We fixed an issue where the subject choices weren’t saved if you didn’t confirm the entry (by hitting Enter or the semicolon) when manually adding a new student
  • We updated the membership plan dropdown to make sure single tutor plans were listed as an option (in some cases, only the 2+ tutor plans were visible)
  • We fixed an issue where the study timer was stopping at 5 minutes if the tab was in the background (returning to the tab would continue from 5 minutes, and reloading the page entirely would show the correct amount of time lapsed)
  • We fixed an issue that sometimes occurred when a student/parent was trying to cancel a “No Tutor – Entire Studio” event from the Student Portal
  • We fixed an issue where the Download button was disabled in Online Resources if there were no items selected on the current page, but were selected on a different page
  • We fixed an issue with the date format on the Home agenda’s recent lesson notes, which was not following the account’s region settings
  • We fixed an issue where individual expense entries couldn’t be edited and changed to recurring
  • When adding a new family contact, you can now quickly insert the saved address of that student’s other family contacts instead of needing to manually copy and paste it yourself
  • We fixed an issue where additional student details, like their birthday or address, was not visible in the mobile view (even though it was visible on desktop!)
  • We fixed an issue where an “Unsent Draft” prompt would incorrectly show after the previous email was already sent
  • When adding a duplicate student with family contact information, the page will now jump up to the duplicate student banner rather than the duplicate family contact banner
  • We fixed an error that would sometimes appear when importing a student list
  • We made a number of cosmetic tweaks throughout (button size, spacing, grammar, etc.)

Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at