Private and Group Lessons

We understand that every student learns differently. With TutorBird, you have the ability to schedule both private and group lessons on your calendar. Use each student’s default billing rate or set a different rate specific to that lesson. Plus, with custom categories, locations, and descriptions, every lesson will be organized and easy to read on the calendar.

Open Lesson Slots/Make-up Credits

No more back and forth emails about rescheduling lessons! Your students can register for open lesson slots and redeem make-up credits directly through the Student Portal calendar. And, just like TutorBird’s many other features, this is totally customizable based on your school’s needs. A convenient time-saver for both you and your students!


Add lesson categories and locations to make it that much easier to organize your business. Multi-tutor schools can add different lesson rooms to avoid double booking. For those tutors on the move, add locations to keep track of where you’re headed. Color-code your calendar by category, tutor or location for an easy-to-read schedule!

Calendar Sync

So many students, so little time! Sync your TutorBird calendar with your phone, tablet or computer’s calendar; no matter where you are, your calendar is with you. And, if you choose to give your students access to the Student Portal, they can view and sync their own schedules too!


TutorBird makes it easy to track student attendance with options for every situation. Each time a student’s attendance is taken, the billing information will automatically update, removing any extra manual work for you! To use the lesson notes feature, simply click on “Add Notes” when taking attendance. You can send notes to parents, students or even send private notes to yourself!

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