Your competitive advantage helps you differentiate yourself from the crowd, while highlighting your value. What unique value do you provide to your clients? What cool skill or service do you offer that makes your tutoring business stand out above the rest?

It’s important to keep in mind that a competitive advantage must be difficult for others to duplicate. If it’s easily copied, then it’s not really considered a competitive advantage.

So, what is your competitive advantage?

It may seem daunting, however you should take this as an opportunity to do some soul-searching. First of all, think about what you’re best at and why. Get some testimonials from your long-time students and see if there’s a common thread among them. What makes the tutoring you offer so special, and why should this result in students picking you over the competition?

Additionally, consider researching your competition. Have you lost students due to them providing something you’re not? What kinds of lessons do they offer? Are there certain kinds of programs they offer that you don’t? Some other questions you may want to ask: What do customers buy from you, and what do you need to be successful? What do students and families love about you? Above all, you want to focus on how families will benefit from studying with you.

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