Grow, grow, grow your notes

Grow, grow, grow your notes

…gently down the screen! 🎵

Today’s update includes a change to the lesson notes writing area so it’ll grooooow taller as you type more, letting you see more of your notes on screen without needing to scroll! We also added private group notes for group lessons, the ability to jump to a specific date on your calendar or home agenda, and many more fixes & tweaks – check them out below:

Student Management:

  • We fixed an issue where the family of a completely deleted student was not being removed
  • When sending a new email to your families, the templates in the dropdown are now sorted alphabetically
  • When downloading your student list as a csv, students assigned to multiple tutors will have all assigned default prices included in the list (previously it only displayed the default price they had with one tutor)
  • We fixed a bug where clicking the student status options at the top of the student list in a specific tutor’s account weren’t filtering by that tutor
  • We fixed an issue where you couldn’t create more than one new student group unless you assigned students to that group right away

Calendar & Attendance:

  • We’ve added a date picker to the top of the calendar and the home agenda so you can jump to a specific date
  • The text editor for lesson notes (and everywhere else you see the text editor!) now automatically expands the longer the notes get so you can see more of your notes on the screen
  • We’ve added private notes as an option for group lesson notes
  • We updated the options when emailing lesson notes so adult students no longer show the option to email the notes to their parent
  • We fixed an issue where the tutorname placeholders in the lesson notes email wasn’t using the correct tutor’s name for events with a substitute tutor (it would always default to the original tutor)
  • We also fixed an error where substitute tutors couldn’t email lesson notes!
  • We updated the attendance status option from “Tutor Absent” to “Tutor Canceled” to better differentiate it from a student absence and for clarity that the lesson was canceled rather than just a tutor no-show
  • In Timeline view, the options down the side remain expanded when the calendar refreshes after changing an event
  • We fixed an issue where the tutor dropdown was not always displaying on mobile when taking overdue attendance
  • We updated the Agenda view so the event details continue on the next line if there’s space (this applies to Detailed mode only)
  • We made the Search dropdown on the calendar bigger so you don’t need to scroll down to see the buttons
  • We fixed an issue where opening group lesson notes that had already been edited & saved reverted back to pre-filling the previous week’s notes
  • We added in a header for private lesson notes in the lesson notes email to separate them from student or parent notes
  • We fixed an issue where the line displaying the current time on the calendar did not adjust correctly for daylight savings time

Families & Invoices:

  • We updated the labels shown on invoices so more than one displays at a time to help give a clearer picture of exactly what stage the invoice is at (emailed, paid, etc.)
  • We’ve added an Auto Pay icon to the Family Details card to show which family contacts have it enabled
  • We fixed an issue where the auto-invoicing settings dialog was adding extra days to the due date than what was previously set

Student Portal:

  • We fixed the size of lessons in the Student Portal calendar Week/Day view so longer lessons are bigger to match with the times along the side
  • We fixed an issue in the Classic version where tutors couldn’t view the Portal as a student/parent


  • We fixed an issue that occurred when assigning new students to existing Online Resources, where the dialog did not display the previously assigned students
  • We fixed an issue where a tutor’s email notification preferences weren’t being saved when switching between the classic version and the new version
  • We fixed an issue where some accounts weren’t staying logged in even when “Remember Me” was selected when logging in
  • Various cosmetic tweaks throughout (spacing, colors, font size, etc.)

Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at