Auto Invoicing

Find yourself spending more and more time each month generating invoices, double-checking totals, and sending them to families? Never create another invoice manually again! Imagine how much time you’ll save with automatic invoicing – set it up once, sit back and let TutorBird handle it from there! As with many of our features, automatic invoicing is completely optional; you can still manually create and email invoices whenever you need.

Customize Invoices

It’s all about the branding, which is why TutorBird allows you to customize the look and feel of your invoices by adding your own logo and brand colors. You’re in control of the amount of detail on each invoice with “Normal,” “Expanded” and “Condensed” options. Have other info you want to add? No problem! You can add an optional custom footer to your invoices.

Flexible Options

Your invoicing, your way. Whether you invoice per lesson, semester, week, month or year, TutorBird’s got you covered. You are in complete control and can customize your billing schedule based on your business needs.

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