…besides terrible puns of course! Since our last update, we put out a call to our members looking for beta testers for the upgraded version of TutorBird. The response was amazing and we’re so appreciative of the amazing tutors in our community who wanted to participate. We’ve been continuously adding more and more tutors based on different criteria, so while we can’t guarantee that every member who applied to be a tester will be selected, there’s still time! Our beta testers have been actively using the new experience on their live account and reporting back with their feedback, suggestions, and any bugs they discover. We’ve been collecting and reviewing all the feedback, and have been hard at work making improvements! Here’s a list of updates from July:

First, in the classic version:

  • We fixed an issue where mileage for the last day of the month wasn’t displaying
  • We fixed a bug with the email button in Families & Invoices > Invoices that would incorrectly send all invoices if none were selected
  • We fixed an issue in the Student Portal where the Study Log timer was being blocked by another banner

Beta experience updates:

Calendar & Attendance

  • We added a visual cue to calendar events so you can easily see at a glance which lessons still have remaining open spots – the solid line on an event indicates the lesson is full and the dashed line indicates there are still open spots remaining
  • When taking bulk attendance, it now anchors to top of page
  • We updated the attendance status labels to be consistent with the Classic version
  • We fixed an issue where no email was sent to a student when recording a payment along with their overdue attendance
  • When editing attendance, you can now undo the accidental deletion of a linked online resource by canceling out of the attendance page
  • You can now select the payment method when recording a payment while taking attendance
  • We’ve updated the calendar week start so it matches your region settings
  • In a single tutor business, you’ll no longer see the tutor name on every event (since you know you’re the one who’s going to be teaching it!)
  • We fixed an issue where the first day of the week was missing on the calendar for non-English languages
  • We fixed an issue with the calendar where the default start time set in the calendar preferences was not being applied to the calendar view
  • We fixed an issue where printing the week view of the calendar gave an error if the week selected was not an even week
  • The calendar Timeline view now groups tutor by subjects
  • We fixed an issue where a tutor’s availability wasn’t correctly displaying when that tutor had multiple time ranges of availability set for the same day (i.e. Wednesdays, 8:00AM-11:00AM and 5:00PM-7:00PM)
  • The calendar sync now opens up in a new tab
  • We fixed an issue where previously saved lesson notes were not appearing right away while editing the event
  • We fixed an issue that reported calendar conflicts for an entire recurring series of events instead of just the one being adjusted
  • The pop-up when editing make-up credits now shows tutor/student combinations that are unassigned

Families & Invoices

  • The auto-invoicing status (enabled/disabled) is now visible in Family Account
  • The Repeat Frequency now displays under the Auto-Invoice Settings column on Families & Invoices
  • When editing a family’s auto-invoicing settings, the dialog will now show by default what the previous settings were instead of going back to the original system defaults
  • We fixed an issue on mobile where the Family Account name wasn’t displaying in the dropdown while viewing their account
  • We’ve removed the ability to sort some irrelevant columns in some areas of Families & Invoices, Business Reports, and Students
  • We’ve added the Next Invoice Balance information to the Auto-Invoice Settings column
  • We’ve added the ability to insert images when composing an email in the Send Invoice dialog
  • We fixed an issue where the placeholders in the Send Invoice email template weren’t populating when you manually created an invoice but didn’t immediately email it
  • We added a message to confirm the action when you void an invoice
  • We fixed an issue where the student selection was not saving when adding a charge to a specific Family Account

Business Features

  • We’ve fixed an issue caused when copying & pasting currency amounts that included a group separator
  • You can now edit a recurring charge to make it non-recurring
  • You can now add a new expense or other revenue entry when there aren’t any displaying in the currently selected date range
  • We’ve updated the Revenue & Expenses report so it now loads tutors with payroll entries as Payees
  • We’ve added a notes column to Mileage

Learning Management

  • You can now create a new lending library item without lending it to a student at that time
  • You’ll now see the Date Returned when selecting an item in the Lending library history
  • Study Log attachments can now be downloaded from the Tutor Portal
  • We’ve updated Online Resources to allow for both uploading files and creating folders
  • The Description column for Online Resources is now visible
  • We’ve added the Download Log feature back to Online Resources
  • When adding a new lending item, the Date Lent field now defaults to today’s date


  • You’re now able to add & edit payroll attachments directly from the payroll table
  • We updated the tutor privileges so the privileges listed under “Manage Other Tutors” are correctly linked together
  • We fixed an issue where tutors who are not administrators couldn’t opt out of the beta experience (now they can!)
  • We removed the Payroll report type and Event Profit report type from single tutor account (since they don’t have access to the multi-tutor features necessary to create those reports!)
  • We fixed an issue where a tutor without the Manage Other Tutor Schedules & Students privilege were still receiving email notifications about other tutors’ students registering or cancelling events (provided they had those notifications enabled in their Preferences)


  • You can now download attachments in Message History
  • We moved some fields from the student details Personal tab to their profile card
  • We fixed an issue where the “Log Out of All Devices” button under My Preferences would sometimes freeze
  • When the last item in a table is deleted, the table will now load the previous page

Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at support@tutorbird.com