Three things come to mind when we think about June: the welcome heat after months of cold Canadian winters, the promise of the upcoming summer season, ………..and bugs. Mosquitos to be exact. And while we’ve got citronella and insect repellent spray to keep the mosquitos from bugging us when we’re enjoying a late spring evening outside, when it comes to a software bug it’s not quite as simple. Luckily, we’ve got our awesome development team constantly testing our products, monitoring for bugs, and releasing fixes!

Here’s a roundup of our recent fixes:

  • We fixed a bug that caused student names to be duplicated in the Lessons Taught report
  • We fixed an issue where substitute teachers couldn’t upload a file while taking attendance
  • We updated the Student Portal calendar sync to include the student’s name, so parents of multiple students can see at a glance which child is registered
  • We removed inactive student names from displaying in the Access column for Online Resources files
  • We fixed a bug where the Hide Full/Empty Events calendar filter wasn’t being applied to printed calendars (week view, month view, and Daily Agenda)
  • We fixed an issue where the spacing on printed attendance sheets was inconsistent and not including the correct page breaks
  • We updated the date format used in Student Portal event cancellation notifications so it matches the business’ regional format

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