Hosted Website

You don’t need to be a web designer to create a professional business website! With TutorBird, it’s as simple as selecting a template, then adding pages in our simple, user-friendly webpage editor. If you can create a word document, you can create a web page! New students who register directly on your website will automatically be added to your student list, and existing students can log in to the Student Portal directly through your site.

External Website Widgets

Already have your own website? No problem! TutorBird offers a sign-up widget and login widget that can be added to your existing website. Just like with a TutorBird-hosted website, students who register through the sign-up widget will automatically be added to your student list. Embedding the login widget on your website allows your students to access the Student Portal right from your website!

Expense Tracking

Tax time doesn’t get much easier than this! TutorBird also lets you track your teaching business expenses and non-teaching related revenue. You can create custom categories for all types of income and business expenses to keep everything organized. When tax time rolls around, simply print off a Revenue & Expenses report to view your transactions and send it off to your accountant!

Mileage Tracking

Teacher on the go? TutorBird makes it easy for you to track mileage. Enter recurring trips once and TutorBird will add the mileage for the entire date range you specify. Or, use the GPS on your mobile device to track it in real time!

News & Blog Posts

Keep your students informed and up-to-date by creating a news or blog post. Publish them to the Student Portal, Teacher Portal, or the blog on your TutorBird website. The “Sticky Posts” option allows you to select a post that remains at the top of the page – perfect for your most important, can’t miss business information!

Business Reports

Create business reports with the click of a button! Generate easy-to-read PDFs or detailed Excel spreadsheets for Income & Expenses, Billable Hours, Payroll, and more. Your reports can even be formatted with your logo and custom brand color for a professional look!

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