Sign-Up(dates) & Calendar Traits

Sign-Up(dates) & Calendar Traits

We’ve got a few big updates this month, including some much-requested calendar changes to improve the layout (especially in large multi-tutor businesses!) and a new version of the sign-up form. All these and more, below:

Student Management:

  • We released a new version of the sign-up form! This allows for a better workflow when adding multiple students, more clarity when registering as an adult student, the ability to sign up with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Stripe Link (if you use our Stripe integration), and other overall usability issues
  • We fixed an issue where Waiting students’/parents’ email addresses weren’t populating when the inactive students checkbox was selected
  • We added an “Unassigned” option when searching by tutor or by group
  • We fixed an issue where the Groups tab was appearing for tutors who didn’t have the privilege to manage other tutors’ students
  • When adding a new student who is already a parent, it no longer creates a duplicate parent entry for the children
  • The search field will now search in the family contact’s address
  • We fixed an incorrect error message that was appearing when typing in the email subject line
  • We fixed an error that was coming up when trying to send a manual SMS from a desktop (it should ask what program you want to use)

Calendar & Attendance:

  • We made a number of cosmetic changes to event blocks on the calendar to reduce spacing, remove unnecessary icons, and display more details
  • We added the time in each event block in Week Agenda view and Day view
  • We updated the Week Agenda view to align events better for the same tutor
  • In Day view, organized by location, the calendar will now hide the columns for locations with no events scheduled
  • When adding group notes for an event, you can now select “All Parent Emails” when the attendees are from the same family and the parent is also a student
  • We fixed the row height in Timeline view so it no longer increases the height for all rows when only one of them is increased to show the events
  • We updated the Timeline view so you can no longer accidentally drag and drop an event into the subject or location row
  • We fixed an issue with the mobile Month List view where it wasn’t scrolling to the correct day in the list
  • Tutors with the ability to manage other tutors’ schedules can now select to notify another tutor while cancelling their event
  • We fixed an issue that was preventing the calendar from being printed if only one day was selected
  • In Day view, organized by location, with a tutor filter applied, you can now see blocks showing when each location is booked to prevent scheduling conflicts
  • We fixed an error that was preventing the calendar from syncing to

Families & Invoices:

  • We fixed an error that would pop up when trying to save a manual payment without the amount entered
  • We fixed an issue impacting some accounts using specific currencies weren’t loading Stripe during the checkout process
  • You can now search by email address on the Families & Invoices page


  • We removed the “Your trial is ending soon!” banner that was accidentally appearing when using your phone to track your trip under Mileage
  • We fixed an issue where some HTML in the header of email templates was being removed after saving changes, which could impact some formatting
  • We fixed an issue where making an overdue payment from the Student Portal was bypassing the late fee
  • We fixed an issue where group lessons weren’t displaying on the Student Portal home page after clicking “This Week”
  • We fixed an issue where students who had been unassigned from a tutor would still be notified if that tutor uploaded a new Online Resource and assigned it to all their students
  • We fixed an error that was sometimes causing the Membership page to get stuck saving a change to payment information
  • Various cosmetic tweaks throughout

Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at