You autumn know… about our latest updates!

You autumn know… about our latest updates!

Don’t fall behind on our latest updates to the new version of TutorBird! 🍂 Check them out below:

Student Management

  • We’ve made a change to the student list so when you change a student’s status, the page remains in the same spot (previously it would reload and you’d end up back at the top of the list!)
  • When adding a new child student with a family contact, the option to include them in the Student Portal contact list is now enabled by default (this was the behavior in the classic version as well)
  • We fixed an error in the Student Import tool that occurred when a country was not included in the address
  • We added a space that was missing from the Student Since date in the Student Overview tab
  • We fixed an issue that was preventing scheduled emails from showing in the Scheduled Queue
  • We fixed an issue that prevented the information in the Parent Login column from displaying when the Student Login column was hidden

Calendar & Attendance

  • When printing your calendar on mobile or a tablet, we’ve added an in-app notification to let you know when it’s downloading and when it’s ready to print (this bypasses the need for it to open as a pop-up, which could be blocked by your device settings)
  • We’ve added an option to automatically adjust the calendar to show the earliest lesson in the view at the top (this means if your Initial Display Time is set to 9AM but you don’t have any lessons scheduled until 2PM, it will jump to 2PM instead!)
  • You can now close the student name dropdown when searching on the calendar by simply clicking outside of it
  • We added a label showing the event count at the top of the calendar in week & day view on desktop to match mobile
  • We added the carat symbol to the sections of the Calendar Preferences dialog so it’s clear that you can expand and collapse them
  • We removed the option to use the student’s default price when creating an event for “No Tutor – Entire Business” (since student default prices are connected to a specific tutor, it wouldn’t be possible to use that option!)
  • We fixed an issue where if you scheduled an event several months into the future and saved it, when the calendar reloaded it would return back to the current month but still display the name of the future month you just scheduled in
  • We fixed the calendar height on iPads for week & day view, which would incorrectly let you scroll down the page without keeping the info at the top of the calendar visible

Families & Invoices

  • We added a “Save & Add Another” button to the Add Transaction dialog
  • We fixed an issue where the Family Details card would sometimes not reload correctly after deleting a recurring transaction from the Family Account, or when using Chrome’s back button to go back to a Family Account
  • We fixed an issue in the Invoice Formatting section of Business Settings where the Invoice Name field still displayed “Not specified” when out of editing mode even if a name was entered
  • We fixed an issue that would prevent you from selecting the Invoice Reminder template when sending an invoice if you changed the subject line in the Invoice Reminder email template
  • We fixed an issue that wouldn’t display anything in the Balance column when the account balance was at $0

Business Features

  • We fixed an issue where mileage entry descriptions where text would overflow form the recent trips card if the description had a lot of characters
  • We fixed the Billable Hours report, which was including an extra day outside of the report’s date range
  • We updated the cancellation policy field so it no longer rejects any special characters or tries to interpret them as HTML – whatever you write in this text box is exactly what will appear on the Student Portal cancellation side
  • We updated the late fee setting so you can no longer input $0 or 0%


  • We’ve added your personal referral link to the new version – you can now find this in Business Settings under your business profile card
  • We added an “English (Italy)” region
  • We updated the messaging when enabling or disabling tutor access for better clarity
  • We fixed an issue with the tutor list that would revert back to the default columns when the page was refreshed
  • We updated the error message when going over the character limit on an SMS template (previously it would just prevent you from saving but didn’t give any information as to why)

Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at