You MAY be wondering what we’ve been up to

You MAY be wondering what we’ve been up to

and this update roundup for May will tell you! ✨

Check out our latest updates & fixes below:

Student Management:

  • We fixed a bug where the “New Message” button on the Message History page after sending an email to a specific family would show the dropdown options to select the previously emailed family
  • We fixed a cosmetic issue where scrolling down when previewing an email before it was sent would add some blank spacing at the top of the preview window
  • We fixed a warning banner that wasn’t displaying the text correctly when updating student default prices in bulk
  • We updated the search field for Tutors on the Students page from a dropdown (where you could only select one tutor) to a multi-select field so you can search by multiple tutors at once
  • We updated the Existing Family dropdown field so when opened, it starts at the top of the list rather than scrolling to the very bottom
  • After changing a student’s time zone, the page now automatically refreshes once saved so you can see the updated time zone right away
  • We changed the type of field for Groups when adding a new student to make it consistent with the Groups field in other areas
  • We added a banner on the New Message page to let you know if you’re trying to email a student or parent who doesn’t have an email address on file
  • The Student Since column now shows the number of years/months, not just the date the student started

Calendar & Attendance:

  • We added a warning to let you know when a student has already reached the make-up limit as per your policies when you’re trying to issue them another one (you can still continue to override the policy)
  • We added the Attachments column as an option on the Attendance & Notes page column picker
  • We fixed an issue where taking attendance in bulk wouldn’t copy the lesson notes forward
  • We updated the “Events left this week” counter so it doesn’t include any upcoming events already marked Absent
  • We tweaked the attendance icons on the calendar view (the green checkmark or red X)to make it easier to see when using the bold theme
  • The following columns are now sortable on the Students page: Make-Up Credits, Default Price, Default Lesson Length
  • Switching from Month or Week view to Timeline view now automatically refreshes to load the tutors or locations immediately
  • We fixed an issue where a substitute tutor couldn’t view the student’s contact info
  • We fixed an error that would appear when trying to take attendance for a student that was no longer set as Active or Lead
  • We fixed an issue with the Repeat Until date selector where it wasn’t always loading correctly when editing an event
  • We updated the date picker so you only need to select the month you want to print and not days (since it will always print just the full month anyways)
  • We changed the Organize By option for the calendar Day view so it will remember your selection for the next time you log in
  • We updated the Timeline view so once you delete an event it won’t automatically condense the subject options down the side
  • We added the Download Permissions options when uploading a new Online Resource through the attendance page
  • We made the background of the current day on the calendar a bit brighter for more contrast so it stands out more
  • We made some updates to the calendar sync to improve performance and display data (like multiple sibling names for one event) better

Student Portal:

  • We fixed an issue where blog posts were displaying in the News section of the Student Portal
  • We made the Date column always visible on the Attendance & Notes page instead of making it an optional column so families can always see which date the lesson was on
  • We fixed an issue where upon login to the Student Portal, families were brought to the Home page even if the account’s settings were supposed to default to a different page


  • We fixed an issue that would return email notifications back to the default settings when upgrading to the new version
  • We updated the table of information on the Mileage page to add optional columns, a sort button, and improve the mobile layout
  • When editing a recurring charge, the Repeat Until date no longer resets
  • When initially selecting a payment processor in your Business Settings, the convenience fee section no longer disappears
  • We updated the SMS sender name for UK & Australia SMS messages to comply with new SMS originator registration legislation (messages will now be sent from a generic TutorBird sender name)
  • When changing a tutor’s payroll settings for make-up credits, you’ll now be prompted to apply the change to the calendar
  • We fixed an issue with selecting multiple files from your device to upload to Online Resources
  • Swiping across tabs on touchscreen tablets & laptops now works correctly again
  • Download permissions for Online Resources are now set to “View only” by default
  • We fixed the date format for the UAE (English) region
  • Various cosmetic and text changes throughout

Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at