Hi Everyone! Lots of great new changes this week:

  • When cloning a day’s worth of events on the calendar into a future month, the necessary fixed monthly charges are now automatically created.
  • We added a new option to specify a preferred location when you add a new lesson or event. When enabled, the “Location” drop down list will preselect that location saving you a click or two.
  • We updated the Families & Invoices page so that the search buttons appear depressed when the search feature is active (this change is on both the Invoices and the Family Account tabs).
  • Now when you embed images directly into an email or your website through the email/webpage editors, the images will be resized to “web-friendly” sizes automatically. This will allow your pages to load more quickly (and email to be loaded faster). If you wish to preserve the original image size, manually uploading images to the Media Gallery on your website will leave the images unchanged.
  • When you upload images to the Media Gallery, TutorBird will automatically rotate them if necessary (i.e. for images taken on your iPhone).
  • We increased the maximum allowed image size to 20 MB when uploading an image directly through the email editor.
  • We adjusted the header layout so the menu button appears closer to the left of the page.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause the “Unsaved Changes” message to appear when you change students (or teachers) using the drop down list at the top of the student details page.


Did you know?  The calendar now supports drag-and-drop schedule changes on touch devices (iOS/Android).

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at