Improving the Sign-Up Widget:

  • If you’re using the new Sign-Up widget with a Policy Agreement field, any links to the policy itself should now work correctly.
  • For those using the old Sign-Up widget, the Policy Agreement should put something more user friendly in the student note field. If you have a statement (something like “I have read and agreed to this policy” that’s what will show up in the Notes section in your Student List. However, if you don’t have a statement, it will say “Checked.”)
  • When adding a new student, the Existing Families drop down list now includes families on your Trial and Lead list.

Video killed the radio star:

  • The “range” sliders for looping on the video playback popup have been improved so they now work correctly on touch devices (such as phones and iPads).

Zoom zoom!

  • Based on some internal analysis, we’ve identified some slow-downs in the site and improved the performance of a couple of pages. Specifically, the “New Event” and “New Default Lesson” actions from the Calendar page should complete much more quickly, and the Students page should open faster for larger schools.
  • The Mileage page now defaults to displaying the current month’s mileage.

For multi-teacher schools:

  • Teachers with permission to view (but not edit) other teachers’ schedules can now limit their default view to their own schedule only.
  • The Student Portal Calendar now displays the teacher’s name directly on the Calendar event (i.e. “Lesson with Todd W”)


Did you know? Auto-invoicing is a breeze with a progress bar! Track how many more invoices need to be created before they can be sent.

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