Because we’re brewing BIG THINGS here at TutorBird! I know it’s not as exciting and glamorous as a new feature, but our development team is hard at work making big changes behind the scenes. We’re trying to make sure that the scenery doesn’t fall down! Everything will work much more smoothly and efficiently very soon, but in the meantime here are some fixes we’ve made:

Sign-Up Widget fixerinos:

  • For users using the new Sign-Up widget, we’ve fixed a minor issue that would cause the cursor to jump to the bottom of the form when filling out any text field. This problem was limited to Microsoft Edge users only.
  • The Sign-Up widget email and contact form emails now include the IP address of the person who submitted the form. We’ve added this information to help us troubleshoot users who are experiencing chronic Contact Form spam.
  • We’ve updated the way the Sign-Up widget (both old and new versions) handles email addresses. If a parent enters their email address as the student’s email (but it’s not an adult student), we’ll ignore the entry in the “Student Email Address” field automatically to avoid future confusion.

Online Resources got a bit of a buff & shine too:

  • We’ve updated the way Online Resources are displayed on mobile devices. Now the file’s description is displayed (if available) instead of just the filename, making it easier to see what was uploaded. This was particularly problematic when adding photos or video shot on a phone because you don’t get the option to set the filename. If you provide a description when uploading files, it should be much more clear which file you’ve selected.

For multi-teacher schools:

  • We’ve fixed a minor issue with the new Sign-Up widget that could cause an error to be displayed if no preferred teacher was specified for multi-teacher schools. This issue only affected schools with multiple teachers who had the “Preferred Teacher” option turned on, AND the person submitting the form would have to select “No Preferred Teacher” to generate the error message.




Did you know? You can now add YouTube to the list of social links on your TutorBird-hosted website!

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