Making sure more people can use TutorBird!

We’ve made a few minor changes to the Student Portal to improve accessibility for the visually impaired. Some of the “Zoom” buttons now correctly tell screen readers what content they are associated with.

If you’re located in the Netherlands, the PDF Payment Receipt has been translated into Dutch.

Some bug fixes:

We fixed an issue with the Student Portal that could cause the site to incorrectly tell students they had insufficient make-up credits if a substitute teacher was scheduled for a make-up lesson.

We fixed an issue with the new sign-up widget that would cause some fields to be non-interactive in certain circumstances.


Did you know? Blocked Dates will help you keep your holidays clear! Schedule a blocked date (Vacation or a custom blocked date category) before scheduling your regular recurring lessons and TutorBird will skip over the blocked date.

Please note: If you require technical assistance, please contact our support team at