“Sticky” makes us think of desserts

Sticky buns, anybody? Unfortunately, that's not what it means today, but if you like TutorBird reading your mind and doing things the way you like them, you'll love this! On the Expenses & Other Revenue page, the "Cash/Accrual" option is now sticky, so TutorBird will remember what you prefer (this also carries over to the Expenses & Other Revenue report [...]

2020-09-22T15:09:11-04:00September 19th, 2017|News, Product Features|

Graceful Update

Hi Everyone! This week we've improved a recently released feature, automatic late fees. You can now add a grace period before the automatic late fee is added! We've also improved the security of TutorBird hosted websites. Take a look below for more details. Thank you for your continued feedback! Check out the rest of this [...]

2020-09-22T15:09:11-04:00September 5th, 2017|News, Product Features|

A Work In Progress

Hi Everyone! In this week's update, we've focused our efforts on improving the recently released mobile layout based on your feedback. This will be an ongoing project in an effort to improve your mobile experience. We've made a handful of minor adjustments to the new mobile layout that was rolled out last week. Now some [...]

2020-09-22T15:09:11-04:00August 30th, 2017|News, Product Features|

Full Speed Ahead

We know your time is valuable. So this week we focused on winning some back time.  There have been some significant internal changes to make TutorBird run faster! Specifically, larger schools should notice that loading the Home Agenda and taking attendance is a bit snappier. There will also be a noticeable improvement to the Expenses [...]

2020-09-22T15:09:12-04:00June 5th, 2017|Announcements, News, Product Features|

Safe and Sound

Hey Everyone! This week we've spent a considerable amount of time upgrading the security to certain aspects of TutorBird. A student and parent's first experience with the Student Portal will also be much more user friendly. Rather than having to type in a randomly generated password, they'll now be able to select their own password by using the [...]

2020-09-22T15:09:12-04:00May 29th, 2017|News, Product Features|

Better Late Than Never

We know getting paid on time isn't always easy. So, better late than never, we're very excited to release one of our most requested features: automatic late fees! With this optional feature enabled, the system will automatically charge a percentage or flat fee to the Family Account the day after the invoice due date. We think [...]

2020-09-22T15:09:12-04:00May 24th, 2017|News, Product Features|

Easy Upload

Hi Everyone! This week we've made some excellent improvements to the Media Library upload behavior and Auto Pay. Take a look at all of this week's updates: We've updated the file upload feature so that you can now drag-and-drop multiple files onto the page when adding files to your website Media Library. For schools using PayPal [...]

2020-09-22T15:09:23-04:00December 5th, 2016|News, Product Features|

Season of Giving

This week we introduced our "Season of Giving" campaign for subscribed members. If you're a subscribed TutorBird member, you can use the "Season of Giving" link in your TutorBird Home Agenda to tell a friend. If your friend subscribes, you both get a free month! The more you give, the more you get! Other changes this [...]

2020-09-22T15:09:23-04:00November 22nd, 2016|Announcements, News, Product Features|

Coming Soon…

Hi Everyone! This week's update is just a handful of minor fixes as we work on a few bigger projects. If you’re a subscribed member, keep an eye on your inbox for an exciting announcement later this week! We changed the word "Settings" to "Options" on the calendar toolbar to avoid confusion with your account "Settings" [...]

2020-09-22T15:09:23-04:00November 14th, 2016|Announcements, News|

One Thing Lead to Another…

Hi Everyone, this week we’re excited to roll out a major update to TutorBird’s look and feel. We’ve made these changes carefully, so most items are exactly where you left them. We’re doing this to make room for a better mobile user experience and more options in the future. Here’s what’s new: All the button [...]

2020-09-22T15:09:23-04:00November 8th, 2016|Announcements, News, Product Features|