Hi Everyone! We’ve made a lot of great improvements to email, attendance notes and school websites. Take a look at the full list of changes:

Email Improvements:

  • Images can now be included in emails! We did a lot of work behind the scenes to make this as easy to use as possible. You can upload images directly from the email editor, and even drag and drop images into it. When your email is sent, the images are automatically embedded directly in the email so your recipients always see the images.
  • We’ve replaced the old email editor with a brand new one that makes it easier to create great looking emails.
  • You can now attach more than 3 files to an email (but remember, the total size of ALL attachments must still be under the 20MB limit or the receiving mail server may reject it).
  • The email composer now auto-saves your email every minute, so if you accidentally leave the email page (or your browser crashes), when you come back, your email will be right where you left it.

Attendance Notes:

  • You can now add formatting to attendance notes, like bold, color, underline, lists, and more! Just enter in some lesson notes like you always have, then highlight the text you wish to add formatting to and a toolbar will appear.
  • When viewing the attendance notes on the student’s “Attendance & Notes” tab, the line-wrapping no longer splits words in half.

Website Improvements:

  • We added a new website template called “Trope“.
  • The HTML editors have all been replaced with a new version that now allows you to drag and drop images and upload images directly from your computer (without going to the “Media Library” tab). Overall, it’s much easier to edit pages now.
  • We updated the layout of the “Form” and “Gallery” page editors so that the flow of text editors matches the layout of the pages.
  • We’ve updated everyone’s school website automatically so that your homepage can be found through the Google Local search results. We made this change so that if someone searches for “Tutor/Teacher in **insert your town**” your homepage will appear as a local result. It may take several weeks before this appears in the search results.

Other Changes:

  • For child students, the “Birthday” email is now always sent to the Primary Parent.
  • For single teacher schools, the “Subject” field can now also be split by semi-colon.
  • If you’re viewing the Invoices page on a mobile device, the invoice drop-down menu no longer gets cut off by the bottom of the page.
  • For multi-teacher schools, we added a new Payroll Override type to the Event Categories, it’s called “Per Hour without Attendees“. This option allows you to always pay the teacher the hourly rate, even if there are no student attendees assigned to (or present) at that event. This is perfect for automatically creating payroll entries for non-teaching tasks (such as prep, admin work, etc.).
  • The CSV/Excel download of the student list now includes any Groups that the student is assigned to.


Did you know? Subjects separated by a semicolon in the teacher’s “User Details” (ex. Math; English) will now show up as a separate selection in the “Subject” drop-down menu in the student “Sign-Up” form/widget.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at