Hi Everyone,

This week’s update improves upon on some of the email changes we made a few weeks ago. Today we’re rolling out the following enhancements:

  • Now all the System Template and Custom Template emails can be customized with HTML formatting. That means you can change the font, color, bold text, etc. in the system emails. You can access these templates from the same location as before (Studio Settings -> Emails).
  • The email placeholders can now be dropped into place from a menu on the email editor, so you don’t need to manually type in the awkward “%StudentName%” placeholder anymore.
  • We’ve added an option to the “Studio Email” page to save the email you’re writing as a template for future use. So now, if you’re 20 minutes into writing an epic email and you realize that you’d like to save it for future use, you can with just one click.

Additionally, we’ve made a few other fine adjustments:

  • We’ve updated the look of the “Attendance” pop-up. Now the Student, Parent and Private Note fields use tabs, so you have more vertical space when writing notes. We hope this will make easier for you to review and edit your notes (particularly on iPads and smaller displays).
  • We fixed a glitch that would show the scheduling conflict warning in some cases even if that option was disabled in your account.
  • If you have your home page agenda set to show the family balances, we’ve made a small change so that the balance will be automatically updated when you set overdue attendance. (Prior to this you needed to refresh the entire home page to see the updated balances on the agenda.)
  • We fixed a minor issue with the attendee list on the Event Details page. Now all students who are attending will appear in the list (as you’d expect) even if they are set to Inactive, Waiting or Lead. Prior to this change, if a student was active, then changed to a different status, the student’s name would not be displayed on the attendee list.
  • We’ve added a new option to the Income and Expense report. Now you can select whether to show your income based on a cash oraccrual basis. Previously it was a cash basis only. If you don’t know what this means, stick with the cash option (it’s the default).
  • We adjusted some of the text on the website editor to make the different Page Type options more clear.

We hope that you’ll enjoy these changes. Have a great week!

– TutorBird