New Calendar Filter

Hi Everyone, this week we’re rolling out some improvements to the calendar for multi-tutor/teacher (and single tutor/teacher) accounts. Here’s the rundown:

New Calendar Filter

We’ve totally redesigned to way the calendar view is filtered. The student/teacher/category drop-down lists are gone, and in it’s place you’ll see a new “Filter” button. When clicked, you’ll see a popup that allows to specify the student/teacher/category/locations that you want to see.

This has a few key benefits:

  • You can now filter by location (if you have locations setup in your account).
  • You can now choose MULTIPLE students/teachers/categories/locations, before you could only filter one at a time.
  • The calendar filter is now saved in your session. That means if you leave your calendar (i.e. to add or edit an event), you’ll see your filtered view when you return.
  • In multi-tutor/teacher accounts, when looking at the “Day” view, only the filtered tutor/teachers will be shown. This makes it much easier to see if you have a big tutoring or private teaching business and just need to look at the calendars for a couple of tutor/teachers (i.e. all your math tutors).

As before, the filters can be combined for a very refined view of your schedule.

Other Changes

  • TutorBird no longer uses “” as the sending email address unless absolutely required by your email provider (i.e. and users). TutorBird now automatically checks to see if your provider requires this and if not, it uses your email address when sending emails.
  • On your home page agenda, the “Lessons Left” box now shows you a break down for each type of event remaining this week, not just “Lessons” and “Other Events” anymore.
  • We made a small change to the Website editor so that when you change themes you’ll always see new theme. In the past browser caching could make this a confusing experience.
  • We fixed a glitch in the email editor for Firefox users. When you send an invoice or payment receipt, you should now be able to see (and edit) the message body.
  • The sub-totaling on the Income and Expense Report is fixed.
  • The Student Tax Credit Receipt now shows the date range in the header instead of the date the report was generated.
  • If you switch a student’s profile from child to an adult student, they’ll now automatically see the correct version of the student portal when the log in.
  • If you set an event’s attendance to “Teacher Absent”, it will display “Cancelled, Teacher Absent” in the student calendar feed. Hopefully this will be more clear to students that the lesson/event is cancelled due to your absence.
  • We’ve made a number of internal improvements to help get new tutor/teacher sites hosted by TutorBird indexed by Google.
  • The Payroll feature for multi-tutor/teacher accounts now allows you to add “Deductions” to employee payroll accounts.

We hope you find these improvements helpful. Have a great week!

– The TutorBird Team