Hi, everyone! Take a look at this week’s changes:

  • On the student Sign-Up form/widget, mobile or home phone is now required. Previously, both fields were optional, now one phone number is required (so that you’ll have another way to contact a new student if they mistype their email address).
  • For teachers who teacher internationally (i.e. Skype lessons), SMS reminders can now be sent to students in a country that’s different than your own if you enter their mobile phone number with a “+” followed by their country code.
  • When you create a new event, the Student Group drop down menu no longer goes off the side of the page.
  • Any place that you enter a numeric value in TutorBird should now automatically open the numeric keyboard on iOS and Android devices.
  • When you create a new event on the “Calendar“, you can now specify a private event description only visible to the teacher. This private description appears in the following places only:
    • Teacher’s calendar popup
    • Teacher’s home page agenda
    • Teacher’s daily email agenda
  • The order of payroll (and family account) items has been updated so that payments always appear above income/charges. This makes it easier to read when entering a payment to clear a balance.
  • The attendance popup now indicates when the maximum number of make-up credits for a student has been reached as per your school policy. As the teacher you can still override this limit (since there are exceptions to every rule), but you get a nice clear indicator when this is happening.
  • For multi-teacher schools, the “Attendance” and “Daily Agenda” now prints the school letterhead for each teacher.
  • The printed calendar now displays a line through any events/lessons that have all students marked as absent. This makes it possible to see on the printed calendar when the student has cancelled a lesson.

Did you know? When creating new invoices, if you have “Include Previous Balance & Payments” turned off you can now filter the invoice so that it only includes charges from a specific category. This makes it possible to invoice for books or specific types of lessons after you’ve already created an initial invoice for the month/term.

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