Tutors are able to share assignments, videos, slideshows and other files with their students easily through our Online Resources feature. We’ve now added the ability for students to share files with their tutor just as easily through the Study Log! This new feature means students can upload completed assignments or homework without needing to leave the Portal. If you have the setting enabled to allow students to email you from the log, you’ll be notified right away!

Study Log enhancements: 

  • Students now have the option to attach files to their Study Log entry. (This feature is only available in the Modern Student Portal, make sure you’ve enabled this by following the instructions here)
  • The Study Log notification email now also includes links to any files that students attach.
  • We’ve changed up the look and feel of recording study time! These new changes help create a much smoother workflow.

Our other fixes: 

  • When sending a student login link, we’ve hidden the Create Account option.
  • Zoom URLs are now validated when saving the tutor’s details.
  • When email is marked as spam, we’ve added more detailed steps on how to resolve it in the Notification message.

Did you know? We’ve integrated with Zoom, FaceTime and Skype to facilitate online lessons? Read more about our integrations and our online lessons guide here!

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at support@tutorbird.com