Between setting up your school’s fall schedule, dealing with new student enrollments and making time for that glass of wine at the end of the day – how do you stay organized? It may look easy enough to the untrained eye, but the TutorBird team knows better. This update includes organizational touches that effect report formatting and how payroll entries are recorded, giving you more control and flexibility on how these sections appear. Additionally if your school hires independent contractors, you’re now able to record sales tax when recording payments. If you’re curious to learn more, check out the full list of updates below.

Here are our latest improvements:

  • When generating a payroll report, teacher addresses and phone numbers will be included if the “Details” option is turned on.
  • Under School Settings (on the Options tab) the “Attendance Sheet Report → Format output for Double-Sided printing” option has been renamed “Report Formatting → Insert blank pages when necessary for duplex (double-sided) printing”. If this option is enabled, blank pages are inserted into the Attendance Sheets, Payroll Report and Student Tax Credit Reports (if printing sections on new pages). This allows you to print on both sides of the page while ensuring that a new section begins on a new sheet of paper.
  • On the Payroll report if the “Page Break after Teacher” option is turned on, your school’s report header now prints at the top of each teacher’s new page.
  • When manually adding Income or a Deduction to a teacher’s payroll log, you can now specify the category it falls under. This allows you to categorize accrued income/deductions for your teachers on your Revenue and Expense reports (when run in Accrual mode).
  • When recording a payment to a teacher, you now have the option to record sales tax as part of that payment. This is necessary if your teachers are independent contractors and are charging your school sales tax for their services.
  • When recording a payment to a teacher you now also have the option to specify a Payment Type (i.e. Cash, Check, etc.). The list of available types are taken from your School Settings → Accounts & Invoices → Payment Types.

Here’s what we’ve fixed:

  • Images with apostrophes in the filename can now be displayed correctly in image galleries hosted on TutorBird.

Did you know? In-App notifications can now be enabled/disabled when a student joins or cancels a lesson through the student portal!

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