We’ve tweaked the Email and SMS reminders so that duplicate reminders are not sent if you entered the parent’s email address (or phone number) in the details of a child student. No more annoying copies sent twice!

Our latest improvements:

  • The Revenue and Expense Report has been optimized so that it generates much more quickly for large schools.
  • We’ve updated the Excel download for Invoice Details and the Student List so that they will display correctly in Excel if you’re located in a region that uses comma (“,”) as the decimal separator.
  • Auto-pay is now automatically skipped if an invoice owes nothing. This was causing an issue for some schools.
  • We’ve made a few internal improvements to invoicing so that invoices are created faster. This is particularly noticeable if you’re invoicing in bulk.
  • We’ve updated the currency settings for Mozambique.

A bug fix for you:

  • We’ve fixed an issue that would prevent SMS messages from being delivered to Guam and a handful of Caribbean countries.

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