How and Why We Share Content Online

How and Why We Share Content Online

You likely only see your students one day a week, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need your help the other six days. Sharing content online with your students helps reinforce what you’re teaching in the lesson, and immerses your families in the study experience while at home. Sharing content, and creating an interactive environment also adds value to what you are offering as a business.

Without any direction, your students might be practicing bad study habits that will ultimately eat into their weekly lesson as you try to undo that. If your students have trouble with a particular assignment or specific problem, they likely need to wait until their next lesson to get help. All of this could delay their progress.

Sharing content online is a great way to keep students on task and progressing.

You can upload your own slideshows that they can view, or e-books for them to read. It’s an opportunity for you to personally provide direction in a digital format. You get to curate their digital learning experience. Creating your own worksheets means you can continually reuse the material when new students are assigned the piece.

Another bonus of online content is being accessible on any device. This solves the issue of printed materials or textbooks getting lost.

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