A unique benefit of social media is its ability to exceptionally target your audience. Social media is not a broadcast system – it’s a way to engage directly with your customer. Being able to talk to your customer will help build that relationship and gain their trust, instead of just promoting a sale right away.

Managing your tutoring business’s brand identity online is key to your success on a social media platform.

Regularly monitor and respond to social media conversations surrounding your business. Be aware of what your customers are saying about your business and respond when appropriate. Don’t be afraid to join the conversation.

When posting to social media, remember that quality beats quantity. Don’t overwhelm your audience with promotional offers. It’s a give and take relationship so make sure you find balance by offering engaging non-promotional content. Sharing videos results in more engagement than posts that only include text, links and photos. Videos are often underutilized on social media, which makes it a great opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Managing your social media doesn’t need to take up much of your time either. While monitoring your social media should be part of your daily routine or weekly routine, you can automate your content sharing. Create your content ahead of time and schedule it’s release. If you are using multiple social media platforms for your business, manage them from one centralized place through a social media manager, like HootSuite. Facebook Business Suite also allows you to schedule and post to your Facebook page and Instagram.

Remember that when you communicate on social media, you are communicating as your business. Keep your brand identity consistent. Be friendly – but stay professional.

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