Hello everyone, this week we have a small but useful set of changes to TutorBird!

This Week’s List of Changes:

  • The menu “Opened/Collapsed” mode has now been made “sticky”. You may not have known, but you can collapse and expand the main menu by clicking the small button beside the “TutorBird” logo when you’re logged in. Now it will stay collapsed until you manually expand it, even across multiple pages.
  • The Calendar now has a new “Email Attendees” button on the event popup. This is so you can easily email a group of students attending the same event from the calendar.
  • We fixed a small glitch in the Invoice page that would prevent invoices from opening if the student’s family name included a comma.
  • When scheduling a makeup lesson, invoice items are no longer created (unless you change the attendance to a “billable” status). This way, makeup lessons won’t show a fee on invoices if you create an invoice for an upcoming month that has a makeup lesson already in it.
  • We fixed a glitch in the Email/Webpage composer that would cause extra blank lines to appear if you copy and paste text from Mac OSX.
  • We’ve made some adjustments to how we determine if the system should use “” when sending email on your behalf. (We were using this for some tutor/teachers whose email providers did not require it.)
  • We’ve made a number of internal improvements to help lay the groundwork for some future changes that are in the works.

We hope you find this week’s list of updates and changes helpful. Have a great week!

– The TutorBird Team