Hey Everyone! We have some great additions this week:

  • Teach more, scroll less: When you close a popup window in TutorBird, the page no longer scrolls to the top of the page.
  • The “Recent Payments” tab on the “Families & Invoices” page now displays the payment type in the description (if your school is using the payment types feature).
  • On the student list page, the “Assign Teachers” option that was visible in multi-teacher schools has been renamed “Update Teachers and Prices” and is now visible in single teacher schools. This option allows you to update the default prices of students in bulk. (If you do change your student default prices, remember to select “Tools > Apply Default Prices” afterwards if you wish to change events that are already on the calendar.)
  • We’ve added a new column to the Student Details page called “Make-Up Credits (Available)“. The original column, “Make-Up Credits“, displays the total number of unused make-up credits that are outstanding. The “Available” column displays the number of unscheduled make-up credits that are available.
  • We fixed a handful of issues that could trigger the “Unsaved Changes” popup to appear even if the student/teacher/item being edited had no changes.
  • We fixed a handful of touch related issues on the calendar, including:
    • Slow scrolling the calendar on iOS no longer causes events to ‘drag and drop’ by mistake
    • Drag and drop scheduling is fixed on laptops with a touch screen display
    • We fixed an issue that would prevent the calendar popup menu from displaying in some circumstances on iOS devices
  • We updated the website editor so that <form> tags can be included (if your website is using 3rd party forms which are not embedded with an <iframe> tag).
  • We updated the “Email Invoice” popup so that it’s clearer when auto-pay is available and when it is not (based on the invoice email recipient).
  • We updated the attendance popup so that an explanation is provided when the “Present, Use Make-Up” attendance option is not available (i.e. insufficient make-up credits, event category does not allow make-ups, etc.)
  • We fixed an issue that would prevent the “Clear” button on the date pickers from working on iOS devices.

    Did you know?  We added a new option to specify a preferred location when you add a new lesson or event. When enabled, the “Location” drop down list will preselect that location, saving you a click or two.

    Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at