We all seem to receive a never-ending supply of monthly bills! Almost all your bills save you from the hassle of paying manually by offering a convenient option to auto-draft.

Did you know that you can easily offer Auto Pay to your student’s families as well?

Auto Pay is a feature that allows your families to store a payment option on file. It not only adds great value your families will appreciate, it cuts down on your admin work too!

It’s simple – send a family their invoice, then they’re automatically charged! Introducing the concept to your families is quite easy. The popularity of services like Netflix and Spotify means automatic monthly payments are the norm. It’s also a very common practice with things like car insurance and cell phone bills.

Even though your families expect the bill every month, they may forget to pay it as soon as they read it. This can lead to spending your unpaid time tracking down overdue payments. Instead of playing the waiting game for payments, initiating auto-pay will make sure you’re paid on time, all the time. Neither you nor your families like awkward conversation about money, so eliminate that conversation by automating your payments.

Programs like TutorBird keep your financial data safe and secure by integrating with payment processors like Stripe and PayPal. TutorBird will help you create a detailed professional looking invoice that accompanies the payment, so that families know exactly where their money is going. Check out how TutorBird can help you automate your invoicing with a free 30-day trial. In just a few clicks, you can completely automate your financials!

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