Here’s this week’s improvements:

  • We made an internal change to improve the performance of the “Student Details” page for large schools. The page load time was reduced from a few seconds to under 1 second.
  • We updated the way email addresses are checked to prevent TutorBird from misidentifying some valid email addresses as invalid when typing them into the student profile (and other pages on the site).
  • We fixed an issue with the Email Template Editor that could incorrectly cause the “Unrecognized Placeholders” error message to appear if your email templates included certain image types.
  • We’ve updated the Homepage Agenda and Calendar popup so that students in a group lesson are listed alphabetically.
  • The Overdue Attendance section of the Homepage now displays the student names as “Last, First” so that it’s consistent with the rest of TutorBird.
  • If you’re using FireFox, we fixed an issue that would cause a scrollbar to appear when viewing the Calendar in “Month” view.
  • On the “Invoices” page, we changed the wording from “Toggle Paid” to “Override Paid“. Just a reminder: You only need to use the “Override Paid” option if TutorBird incorrectly marks an invoice paid (or not paid) for some reason. Under normal circumstances invoices will automatically be marked paid when you record a payment.
  • We rolled back a recent update to the Attendance Notes feature that would prevent the “Add Link” feature from working.


If you’re using a TutorBird hosted website, we’ve made the following improvements:

  • Image galleries now have an option to display the image captions inline (on the gallery page itself), rather than just on the image popups that appear when an image is clicked.
  • If you’re an HTML ninja and you really want to tweak the look and feel of your website, you can now upload a “custom.css” file to your website’s Media Gallery and it will override the CSS used on your site.
  • If you’ve uploaded a “favicon.ico” file to your website’s Media Gallery, that file will be used as the bookmark icon instead of the default TutorBird icon.
  • Websites will now accept Google AdWords “Auto-Tagging” URL parameters (along with other UTM tracking tags if you’re doing online advertising).


Did you know?  We’ve added an “Invoice Balance” placeholder (%InvoiceAmount%) to the invoice and invoice reminder email templates. The “Invoice Balance” displays the invoice amount less any payments received since the invoice date. The original invoice will still be attached to the email.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at