Dealing with payroll may not be the most exciting part of your job, there’s no need to be shy about it. That’s why with TutorBird, all you’ve got to do is set your teachers up with their payroll rates and leave the rest up to us! Easy peasy, right? To kick things up another notch, we’ve got some exciting payroll updates to share in this week’s big bag of feature releases! This week’s update follows with brand new options of when to pay a teacher for make-up credits and payroll overrides that can now be assigned on a per-teacher basis.

If you’d like to learn more about what we’ve been working on, check out the full list of updates below.

Here are our latest feature releases:

  • Payroll can now be configured to pay a teacher when a make-up credit is used (currently, teachers are paid when the credit is issued). This setting is stored on a per-lesson basis, so if you change this setting and go back and take attendance for previously scheduled events, you’ll still get the old behavior. If you’d like for these changes to take into effect retroactively, you’ll need to apply them from a set date on the calendar.
  • Payroll Overrides can now be assigned on a per-teacher basis. This allows you to assign individual pay rates to different teachers by the event category. For example, one teacher may earn $15/hr for group lessons while another may earn $16/hr. Prior to this change, Payroll Overrides could only be configured by event category and affected all teachers.

Both of these settings are available on the Teacher Details page on the Payroll tab. We’ve also reworked the design of the payroll tab slightly to accommodate these new settings.

To learn more about setting up payroll to pay teachers when a make-up credit is used, click here.

To learn more about how to set up a teacher specific payroll override category, click here.

Here are our other improvements:

  • We’ve updated the Login widget to operate more smoothly with recent changes to Google Chrome’s security model.
  • We’ve implemented a handful of performance enhancements to the site. When logging into TutorBird, the main homepage and Expenses & Other Revenue pages should now load more quickly.
  • When you drag and drop events on the Calendar, the text on the event now updates automatically without requiring a page refresh anymore. This was particularly noticeable for multi-teacher schools when drag and dropping substitute teachers.

Here’s what we’ve fixed:

  • We’ve updated an incorrect tooltip from the family Account Details page.

Did you know? You can now charge your students by the hour with our new billing profile, hourly billing!

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