20/20 Vision

The TutorBird team has spent the first month of 2020 working on improvements to help make things clear. That is to say... we've got 20/20 vision! We've tweaked some language and fixed some formatting to help you and your families better understand what you're seeing. Here's our list of updates: Improvements and enhancements:  Events on [...]

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Ready for Delivery!

'Tis the season for some new feature updates! We've been keeping our ears open for your feedback around email deliverability and have been continuously monitoring everything we can to make sure your business emails are being successfully received by your families. This week's update focuses on our new Deliverability Report, which can be found in the [...]

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Less Clicks = Time Saved

Hey Everyone! This week's update includes a lot of everything. The most notable being scheduling "Make-Up Required" lessons and adding new students. Take a look at this week's list of changes: We changed the "New Default Lesson" shortcut on the calendar so that it now has a "Make-Up Required" checkbox. This makes schedule make-up lessons [...]

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Web Ninja

Here’s this week’s improvements: We made an internal change to improve the performance of the “Student Details” page for large schools. The page load time was reduced from a few seconds to under 1 second. We updated the way email addresses are checked to prevent TutorBird from misidentifying some valid email addresses as invalid when [...]

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Internal Organs

Hi Everyone, Here's what's new this week: We've made a number of internal improvements to the way data is stored in TutorBird. While no external change is visible, this lays the ground work for additional improvements that will be rolled out in the coming weeks. On the Calendar popup window, the event's "Private Description" field [...]

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Thanksgiving Day Holiday

Hi everyone, It’s “Time For Turkey”! Due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday here in Canada on Monday, October 12, 2015 there will be no regularly scheduled software update this week. The great news is we will be open on the American Thanksgiving – The TutorBird Team

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Beta Testing Thank You

Hello, We would like to thank everyone that has emailed us and expressed interest in being a credit card beta tester. With such an overwhelming response we now have enough beta testers to move forward. We thank everyone who expressed interest. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new feature. – The TutorBird Team

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Keep Track Of Downloaded Items

Hello everyone, this week we’ve made a number of smaller fixes and improvements to TutorBird. We’re also excited to have added a new “logging” feature to the Download Library. Here’s a full list of this weeks changes & additions: The “Address” field on your website’s “Sign-Up” page (if you have one) and the “Sign-Up” widget [...]

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Update Potpourri

Hello everyone, this week we have a small but useful set of changes to TutorBird! This Week’s List of Changes: The menu "Opened/Collapsed" mode has now been made "sticky". You may not have known, but you can collapse and expand the main menu by clicking the small button beside the "TutorBird" logo when you're logged [...]

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